Audio Scriptures bring comfort in the depths of despair

“They killed my children in front of us because they found us praying in our house – that was the day my faith in God ended.”

A man at the launch of the 'Proclaimer' in Peru in 2007.

When they got married, Jorgé and Maria dedicated their lives to serving God and promised to raise any children they might have in a Christian home. Subsequent events tested their faith beyond what they could ever have expected, but hearing God’s Word brought them out of the depths of despair and doubt.

Finding it difficult to make a living in the city after their marriage, Jorgé and Maria moved to Peru’s jungle area. There was a group of believers in this community, so they began to meet for church services. However, terrorists in the area were opposed to them meeting: they threatened them and then burnt their church.

But Jorgé, Maria and the other believers continued to meet in each other’s homes. The terrorists retaliated by rounding up the men and taking them to their base. There, they mistreated them for two days and subjected them to forced labour before letting them go.

After this, the believers began to pray only in their own homes. Still, the terrorists killed one of the men and his wife, leaving their two small children traumatised.

‘I became hard of heart’

Then one day, Jorgé and his family were praying at home. The terrorists discovered them, burst in and murdered Jorgé and Maria’s two children right in front of them.

Jorgé says, “I started to renounce God and became hard of heart. I didn’t want to know God any more because I believed he had killed my children. My children were consecrated to God; they didn’t deserve this.

“We left all our property in the jungle and returned to town. It was very difficult to overcome this trauma and I became a prisoner of resentment and hatred towards God. Many people came to talk to me, but I never wanted to open up my heart to him again.”

One day Jorgé’s house burned down. He, Maria, and their new child would have been homeless if a pastor and his church had not helped to replace everything they had lost.

The day the church delivered the donations, its members held a small meeting of thanks in Jorgé’s house. He says, “They made us listen to the Proclaimer audio Scripture player.”

‘God touched  me’

And God’s Word touched Jorgé and changed him.

A woman at the launch of the 'Proclaimer' in Peru in 2007.

“When I was listening to the Beatitudes, God touched my heart. At that moment I felt like I was being rescued from the devil and my feelings of hatred toward God. I asked God for forgiveness, and for the first time I thanked him for the death of my children, because I knew they were in his glory.”

Since then, Jorgé and Maria have returned to church and their son has accepted Jesus into his heart. They hold cell groups for their family and neighbours, where they listen to the Proclaimer. Jorgé says, “We believe that in the way that God touched my heart through the Proclaimer, he will touch the hearts of our neighbours too. The Word of God is comfort for our lives.”

Taken from Faith Comes By Hearing Church Partner Report, February 2012