ZeBible Web 2.0: meeting young people where they are

Champs-Elysées, Paris

The Women’s World Day of Prayer focus country in 2013 will be France. In preparation for this, Claire Bedot, UBS Francophone Communications Officer, is producing a three-part report on French Bible Society projects:
ZeBible, the alternative experience – Web 2.0 development;
the two Bible exhibitions The Bible, Heritage of Humanity; and the Bible in prison: releasing hope and understanding God’s Word.

The first part focuses on ZeBible, the alternative experience – Web 2.0 development, a follow-up to ZeBible, the Youth Bible published by the French Bible Society/Bibli’O in May 2011. This project, also fully ecumenical, aims to go out to meet 15 to 20-year-olds where they are: on the internet.

In these six articles, Marine (20) talks about how ZeBible has helped her to discover God’s Word. We meet a group of young people in Lambersart, near Lille, who get together to study ZeBible. We get to know Ines and Elisabeth, two Christian mothers, and their daughters, Alice and Joséphine, and hear their contrasting views about the Bible. Elsbeth Scherrer, Publishing Director at the French Bible Society/Bibli’O, explains the project and its goals. We discover what drives three of the partners in the new ZeBible project: Scripture Union, Alpha and the Apprentis d’Auteuil foundation. And finally, we go to visit the dynamic team at Progressif.Media, the main supplier of services to the project.

List of articles:

‘Ruth, she’s us, she’s all women’

‘I read the Bible and it impresses me!’

Mothers and daughters: contrasting views about the Bible

The Bible is a treasure trove of happiness!

ZeBible – a partnership and an experience in itself

Professional dreamers serving the Bible cause