Bible exhibition helps people to see the Bible through fresh eyes

Partial view of the Bible exhibition

The Women’s World Day of Prayer focus country in 2013 will be France. In preparation for this, Claire Bedot, UBS Francophone Communications Officer, is preparing a three-part report on French Bible Society projects:
ZeBible, the alternative experience – Web 2.0 development;
the two Bible exhibitions under the title The Bible, Heritage of Humanity;
and The Bible in Prison: Releasing Hope and Understanding God’s Word.

The following four articles look at the Bible Society’s two exhibitions entitled The Bible, Heritage of Humanity: the large-scale exhibition launched at UNESCO in February 2010 and the version for schools.

First we meet several visitors to the exhibition in Le Mans who talk about what they gained from it. Volunteers who were involved in organising the exhibition recall the extraordinary adventure in which they participated. Florence Auvergne-Abric, children and families worker for the Protestant Church of Geneva, explains how the Bible exhibition helps children and young people to rediscover their Judeo-Christian culture. And finally, teachers at a secondary school in Saint-Nazaire talk about their experience of visiting the exhibition and Matthieu Arnera, head of the exhibitions project at the Bible Society, explains how the Society plans to improve this version of the Bible exhibition.

Article index:

Bible exhibition in Le Mans attracts enthusiastic visitors of all ages!

The Bible exhibition: an adventure

Helping children and young people to rediscover their Judeo-Christian culture

A new stage for the French Bible Society’s exhibition for schools