Top El Salvador studio serves Bible cause

Pablo González Langlois

A recording studio based in the offices of the Bible Society of El Salvador is helping to boost Bible work in a country wracked by recession and is helping fund Bible work abroad, too. The studio’s founder, 24-year-old Pablo González Langlois, describes the personal journey that led him to set it up.

Throughout my life two things have had a big impact on me: music and the Bible. My mother loves music and plays it constantly, and my father has worked for the Bible Society of El Salvador for many years.

In my school holidays I would travel out of the city with my father to visit churches. He would tell them about the Bible Society and distribute Bibles. I loved being involved in Bible work.

But then, at the age of 15, I was diagnosed with a heart condition and was told I only had six months to live. As a young child I had battled with chronic bronchitis, fighting for my life during long spells in hospital. To find myself in this position again was devastating.

I wanted to live

I thought about how much I wanted to live. I wanted a career that would somehow involve music and the Bible. And I felt that God wanted me to serve him in many different countries. I felt this because I had dreamed very vividly, during my childhood illness, of visiting places and countries that I had never seen or even heard of.

My mother helped me to keep strong and not lose faith that God would heal me. We prayed and waited. My relationship with God grew and I felt able to totally surrender to his will. God performed a miracle and healed me.

Filled with thankfulness, I was even more passionate about serving God. I became more involved in my church and volunteered at the Bible Society. I finished secondary school and was able, by the grace of God, to find the money to train as a sound engineer.

Pablo and a colleague working at the mixing desk

Combine my two passions

When I had qualified I had an idea of how I could combine my two passions of music and the Bible: set up a professional recording studio at the Bible Society and give 50 per cent of its income to Bible work. The recession had hit the Bible Society hard and it was struggling to fund some of its projects. The Bible Society agreed to my proposal.

MP7 Studio has been up and running at the Bible Society since the beginning of 2011 and God has blessed us with great success. We record and mix music for some of the most influential Christian bands in Latin America, such as Emmanuel y Linda, and have made a name for ourselves as one of the region’s best studios.

Daily video Bible studies

The Tres Cada Día video Bible studies on YouTube

In partnership with Emmanuel Espinosa (lead singer of Emmanuel y Linda) and the Bible Society, we are producing a series of daily video Bible studies, Tres Cada Día. It has only been running for six months but we already have thousands of YouTube subscribers and nearly 300,000 people across the world have viewed the videos. Viewers from as far afield as South Korea send us emails!

So my childhood dreams have come true: not only have I been able to serve God in many different countries through these videos but my work has also taken me to more than 20 countries over the past few years. I am delighted, too, that some of the profits from the studio have gone towards helping fund Bible Society projects in the Middle East.

We have plans to partner with the Bible Society here in El Salvador in a project that uses music to reach young people with the Bible but we need to find funding before we can move forward.

I am so excited about sharing the amazing, life-changing power of God’s Word in creative ways. Please pray for the Bible cause, both in El Salvador and around the world.

To find out more about MP7 Studio, visit or find them on Facebook.