Beans for a Bible: Hannah’s story

The launch in Embu Town, Kenya, on June 16 of the Kiembu-Kimbeere Bible, a brand new translation made possible by the incredible work of the Bible Society of Kenya, was a truly momentous occasion. All those in attendance could feel a sense of gravity to the event; an awareness that it had been a long road to get to that point. But there was one person there for whom that was particularly true – and that was Hannah.
Whilst many of us perhaps couldn’t imagine expecting our grandparents to make their way by foot a church service, that is in fact exactly what 82-year-old Hannah did. She walked. And not just up the road or a block or two over…she walked, one foot in front of the other, for six hours. She walked all that way for a chance, just a chance, that someone might agree to trade with her for the only currency she had – her beans.

Her beans, for a Bible. That was Hannah’s hope.

It was her determination that put that precious Scripture into her hands. It was the determination of the Bible Society and its team. And it was the determination of every Society, partner and individual who supports the ongoing, vital work of translations.
That work changes things. It changes lives.

And one of those lives is Hannah’s.

As part of our 30 Days of Prayer for Translation we are praying for the continued impact of this new Bible on the half a million speakers of this language in Kenya – we would love it if you joined with us!

 Watch video footage of the launch here: