Eco Bible launched in birthplace of evolution theory

The Eco Biblia parade in Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands.

Eco Biblia, a new Spanish Bible with a special emphasis on our sacred duty to protect God’s creation, has been launched by UBS. The event took place in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands – a location iconic for its diverse and rich ecosystem and closely associated with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The event, attended by government officials, local church leaders and Christians and local and international media, began with a parade from the Santa Cruz pier to the Miraflores sports field. Local people and tourists stopped to watch the parade and were very interested to hear about the new ‘eco-friendly’ Bible.

Dedicating the new Bible to God’s glory.

After a worship service, the event culminated in the official presentation of the new Bible. Bible Society representatives held copies of the Eco Biblia up high as prayers were said to dedicate it to God.

10,000 copies

The new Bible has already attracted a great deal of interest: 10,000 copies were printed initially but a second print run is already underway to fulfil the many orders that have been rolling in.

As well as containing articles about the importance of protecting the environment, written by theologians, biblical scholars and environmental experts, Eco Biblia practises what it preaches: it is the first Bible to be printed on recycled paper and uses environmentally-friendly vegetable ink. Bible verses related to the creation are highlighted in green.

The Eco Biblia.

Enduring fascination

“We published Eco Biblia because it meets a real need,” says Loida Ortiz, UBS’s Americas Publishing Director. “There is an enduring fascination in how our world was created – the recent discovery of the ‘God particle’ is a good example, as is the recent visit by a well-known scientist to the Galapagos Islands to confirm the theory of evolution. In all these discussions, God and his creation are inevitably mentioned.

“There is also a great deal of concern about the state of the environment and the impact we are having on it. We hope that the Eco Biblia will help people realise that the Bible has a great deal to say about the creation and that God’s commandment to all human beings remains the same: we are to cultivate and care for the earth and for each other.”

Eco Biblia is due to be presented to the President of Ecuador on September 10.

To order a copy of Eco Biblia (available in Spanish only at the moment) , contact your local Bible Society (click here for a list of national Bible Societies.)